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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

After School

My mom gave me the most amazing gift. Everyday after school she was there when we got home. And, not just there, she would clear her schedule everyday at that time. And she would sit and chat with us. I have two sisters so that means that my mom set aside an hour every day for 24 years. I am sure she missed some here or there. Or there were times we had musical practice or piano lessons, but you get the point. She was there. She fed us cookies and listened to our heartbreaks and victories. By the time we got to high school, the other moms would call mine, to find out "what is going on". She knew, because she was there to listen.

So, today was a snow day. And I bundled my three children up and braved the roads to head to my moms. I miss these after school talks, as I am many years removed from them, so now I do them in bulk. I come for the whole day, and plop on her couch and share with my mom. Now instead of talking about the boys I like, or my crazy homework load, I talk about my friends, and my kids, and my husband, and my biblestudy. If those walls could talk...

My mom has started a blog, and I must admit it is much better than mine. But we were talking about the advantages of blogging. Of the accountablity out there and how it makes you want to live a life worth writing about. I was telling her about how when I write, I find insights in there, I didn't know I had. For me, it is about being reflective. About taking some time to be silent and hearing what I am thinking, or better yet, what the holy spirit is teaching.

My Bible study this week was the same idea. I am reading Crave by Chris Tomlinson and he was talking about ways to quiet your life, so that there isn't so much noise, and you can actually communicate with God. I am currently sitting in a silent house, I can hear the heater, a ticking clock and my fingers on these keys. It is such a difference than I am used to.

I haven't written in a while, which only proves I haven't been reflective. I need slow days with my mom. I need slow days with my Savior. I need to set aside my to-do list, and sit with my kids. I am so glad that God keeps after me. I am so glad he gave me a mom who modeled the kind of relationship He wants to have with me. I am also so glad that he throws a snow day in, every once in a while, so that I don't miss the important stuff.


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