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Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

What a lovely Friday it has been, packed with many of my very favorite activities. I did some crafting, some cleaning, some snuggling with my kids. I baked cookies, took a bath an even had a friend stop by with a surprise blessing too. And all throughout the sun was beaming, lifting my spirits.

Now I have a quiet and clean house, while clean children sleep in their beds. This is very satisfying to me. On this very happy day, with my happy heart, I wrote cards for my mom and mother-in-law for Mother's Day. I am amazingly blessed in this category, and told them as much.

But, just as I was putting my kids to bed, I got a little Mother's Day gift of my own. No one spoiled the surprise, and I didn't go snooping. I was doing the most mundane of things and was so, so blessed.

After Ellie got out of the shower, I sat down to put cream on her skin. I realize that this practice probably stops for most people when their babies become mobile at age 1. But, since Ellie who is 7,has such bad eczema we still do it, every time she gets out of the shower. Today, she stayed home sick. She just has a head cold, but it seemed enough to have her home. It really was a joy for both of us.

As I was creaming she said, "thanks for always taking care of me mommy, just like God does." I said "God can do a lot more than I can. I just put cream on."
She said, "you do more than that. You take care of me when I am sick, and take care of my skin. You teach me to read and write, you teach promiseland (Sunday school) and you always make me food."

Hallmark can have their cute rhymes and clever punch lines, my daughter gave me a beautiful Mother's Day message today. There are so many days that as a mom, I do this stuff, not feeling the joy and even the importance of these little tasks of life. But over time, they add up to be meaningful and beautiful to our children.

So, I wanted to remember today, and her sweet words. This blog is for future me, having a hard day, and any others who are in the thick of it as a mom. One day out there, they will notice what you do. The sum of the little things will eventually add up to be very significant to them.

Happy Mother's Day.


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