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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Details, details

I had one of those really exciting days where I really heard the voice of God in my life. I have been praying a lot about something lately. Asking God to help me and give me wisdom and discernment. I kept bringing it to God and asking for an answer. In fact, as I looked at my journal from yesterday, I was pleading with God for a direct and audible answer.

In true God fashion, I did not actually hear anything, but yet he answered my prayer in an unexpected way. I was emailing a friend and asking her to pray for me as I deal with a certain challenge. As I walked away from the email, the holy spirit spoke. "Don't you believe that if I ask you to do something, I am going to take care of the details". (I don't know if quotes are in order for words from my holy spirit, but they felt that clear to me.)
It sure would be easier some times if when I opened my Bible it would say: Angel, you should do that ministry, Angel, this is what you should do next in this friendship, Angel, call this person they are lonely and in need. But then, God made me smarter than that. He knows I need to seek Him, and need Him and long for His truth in my life. He knows I need to struggle with questions in order to see that he is the only answer.

And wow, to be working with a God of details. It was such a refreshing release for me today. Instead of looking at what is ahead of me and saying, what about this and what about that, I am going to faithfully look at what is ahead and know that God is paving the way for me. He is preparing and working in lives all around me just as he is working in mine; to bring about His will. Just another reminder that it is not all about me. For today, I will not worry and be anxious, instead I will take His hand, and know that He hasn't missed any of the details.


  1. First of all, you are a blogging animal. Three in one day? Impressive.

    Secondly, thanks for always honestly sharing your faith walk. You radiate the Spirit even when you're feeling humbled by your sin. As a matter of fact ... that just may be when we broken, sinful, messy people show it the most.

  2. Well said, friend. I completely agree.

  3. A similiar thing happened to me recently. God asked me to to fast for the rest of the day and I argued with him -"But I get a headache and my blood sugar drops, etc." And he said so clearly, "Don't you think that if I ask you to do this that I would also be able to sustain you?" Well! Isn't that just like God? I love Him so and you too! Miss you. Magoo



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